It has been more than 3 months and whenever I revisit that night, I can still feel the dry chilling cold wind getting through me. They very well say…

Jibhi Winters – colder than your ex’s heart :)”

On an early morning of 26th Jan 2020, sitting in the balcony of my hotel room at Manali, sipping my tea, sun rays said Hi and went on to shine over the snow clad mountains.

A bright sunny morning, all what I was expecting after spending a day at Sethan Valley, all covered up in snow with temperature dipping as low as -13 Deg C with Sun not being around anywhere. I made up my mind to go to Jibhi for stargazing, took a cab to go to Jibhi with a pit stop at Kullu for paragliding, that is another story up for next post.

In the midst of chilling winters during January 2020 here I was at Jibhi, a small village in the Banjar Valley of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by mountains and lush green Cedar pine forest. After reaching MudHouse Hostel around 6 PM, all I was hoping for a clear night sky. For someone who likes to look at stars and wonder what it’s like up there, capturing stars in a beautiful frame is a pleasure.

At places like Jibhi, at this altitude, sun sets quickly and after 6.30 PM, all I can see was little lighted lamps placed at cafeteria of MudHouse Hostel. Pitch dark black surroundings and the only sound I can hear was of nearby lake water flowing over stones, just below the balcony of my room. Chaos and Calmness hits differently at such places and yes, I was feeling the same 🙂

Nightsky at Jibhi

Surrounded by hills from all sides and pine trees, all I was seeing little white sparkling dots in a pitch black dark sky just like as if  someone has sprinkled white salt on a black surface. An amazing sight, something which can’t be put in words but can be shown in beautiful frames.

Well at night around 11.30 pm, I set up my camera for capturing stars in the backdrop of pine trees and hills. I used night sight mode on my Google Pixel 2XL and manual settings on my Canon EOS 1300D.

Stargazing at Jibhi

Night Photography in Jibhi

Nightsky starzing at Jibhi

In my memory archives, Jibhi has been tagged as a beautiful memory of stargazing and lush green hills in a valley which is calm with waterfalls, lakes, apple orchards & beautiful trekking paths all around.

Around Parvati Valley, Jibhi is a must go place for stargazing.

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